Tucson Neighborhoods at a Glance

Choosing the Right Neighborhood

Tucson, known as the "Old Pueblo," is located in Pima County, the heart of the Sonoran Desert of southern Arizona. It is about 100 miles south of Phoenix, the state capital, and 60 miles north of the Mexican border, with a culturally rich mix of Native American, Spanish and Mexican Culture. It is home to the University of Arizona.

As a real estate agent, the most fascinating aspect of Tucson is the unique southwest architectural styles in the historic neighborhoods and surroundings areas. It is truly representative of this community's blend of traditions. The styles range from homes built out of adobe walls to wood, brick and stucco. Decorative details such as carved doors, stonework, patterned tile work, columns and courtyard fountains are representative of Pueblo, Spanish Colonial, Sonoran, Mission, and Territorial architecture.

Historically, Tucson was the northernmost settlement established by the Spanish in what is now Arizona. neighborhoods utilized traditional community planning principles, with attached and street-abutting buildings enclosing outdoor courtyards. After the arrival of the railroad in 1880, neighborhood styles were "Americanized," with detached houses on patterns of streets and blocks and an eclectic mix of architectural styles, including the bungalow. Beginning in the 1930, architects popularized an eclectic blend of picturesque details based on historic traditions. Lightheartedly blending Sonoran, Pueblo, Territorial and Spanish Revival with contemporary concepts, the modern ranch style house became the dominant residential expression in Tucson neighborhoods.

The local historic preservation movement that began in the 1970s led to recognition and preservation of Tucson's historic neighborhoods. Today, desert homes are a blend of old and new, a mix of regional styles blended with modern technology and cultures. The unspoken mystique of the land, the bold shapes of the desert and its plants, the amazing vistas, blue skies, electric sunsets, the intense colors of Mexican design and Navajo Rugs are found in the details of the desert homes.

Please refer to Tucson's Architectural Styles for more detailed information.

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