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Sellers Guide

Tip #12: Park down the street

Extra parking outside your house will give your property a spacious appearance. Park cars down the street so the Realtor has the most convenient parking. Also, be sure to remove children's toys, garbage cans, or any other unnecessary items from your front yard. All the buyer should see is a well−groomed property!

Tip #13: Let there be light

Most people keep curtains, blinds and drapes closed for privacy, but when your house is for sale, be sure to open them all! Your house will look larger and brighter. Make sure that your windows are crystal clear. If your screens are worn out and full of holes, replace them. If you can't replace tattered screens, take them out entirely to give that clean appearance. Don't forget to wipe down dusty windowsills. Now if you have a window that faces an eyesore, you won't want to keep the drapes or blinds open. In that case, you would keep them closed, but still maintain a neat appearance.

Tip #14: Have a garage sale

Have that garage sale you've been meaning to have, but never got around to. This is one of the quickest, easiest, and most cost−effective ways to clear out those items that make your living space look cluttered. Check with your local newspaper to see if they offer a \"Garage Sale Kit\" including signs if you place a classified ad in this category.

Tip #15: Offer seller contribution

You can attract buyers by offering up to 6% seller contribution towards closing costs.

Tip #16: Create more space

Remember, you're not selling furniture; you're selling a house! Keeping this in mind, you may want to remove any large or ornate pieces of furniture. Unless your taste in furniture is the same as the potential buyer's, large pieces aren't going to help your house sell. Their absence, however, will make your house appear spacious and inviting.

Tip #17: Head to the nursery

When your house is up for sale, it's time to retire all those half−dead plants (both in your yard and in your house) that you keep thinking willcome back to life some day. They make a mess by dropping leaves, and to put it frankly, having no plant is better than having a dead one. Aquick solution is a trip to the nursery for a few fresh new plants!

Tip #18: Start packing

It will take some time to get all your knickknacks packed and ready to move. Why not do it now? Wrapping these little items in newspaper and storing them will make your move easier, and it will help your house show better. Remember, less is more!

Tip #19: Replace the Garage Door

The garage door is one of the largest, most visible elements of a home. If you want to instantly enhance the overall look of your home’s exterior and increase its value, replace your garage door before listing your house. After all, what’s the use of a clean, organized garage if the door itself is warped, cracked, broken, or in need of painting?

Tip #20: Empty the closets

Take as many of your personal items as possible out of your closet and store them in an out−of−the−way place. When your closets are cleaned up, they will look much larger to the potential home buyer! Abundant closet/storage space is a major selling point for most people. Apply this rule to any storage area.

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