About Tucson

Welcome to TucsonWhen I think about Tucson, I think of mountains, beautiful sunsets, rustic homes, desert, coyotes, wildcats, javalinas and amazing picante food!!! This wild, wild west can also offer you peaceful afternoons, tranquility and relaxation.

If you want to savor Tucson, there are things to do throughout the year, from cultural fairs and fiestas to historic reenactments, sporting events, and much much more. I am discovering that Tucson is a place where I can grow my family and enjoy the natural scenery with my husband, spend weekends celebrating cultural traditions, and experience the romance of the Old West -- past, present and future.

For golfers, natural wonders and man-made challenges make Tucson the preferred golf destination. Bikers, hikers, cyclists and runners will enjoy inspiring views and experience the great outdoors in this beautiful city. Visitors find that Tucson's resorts fire their imagination with their amazing surroundings.

Put on your boots and your cowboy hat and become a true "vaquero"!

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A Brief History of Tucson

There is not a city without a history, and Tucson can be proud of its past -- from the ancestral founders early in the agricultural period to the Spanish period of the Presidio to the railroad era. Click here to learn more about Tucson History.

State and City Facts

  1. State Bird: Cactus Wren
  2. State Flower: Saguaro cactus blossom
  3. State Gem: Turquoise
  4. State Tree: Palo Verde
  5. Time Zone: MST (Mountain Standard Time)
  6. Tucson ethnicities:
    Caucasian: 47.2%
    Hispanic: 41.6%
    African-American: 5% American Indian and Alaskan Native: 2.7%
    Asian: 2.9%
    Other 0.2%
  7. Tucson Climate:
Month Low High
Jan 38.9°F 64.5°F
Feb 41.6°F 68.4°F
Mar 45.1°F 73.3°F
Apr 50.5°F 81.5°F
May 58.6°F 90.4°F
Jun 68.0°F 100.2°F
Jul 73.4°F 99.6°F
Aug 72.4°F 97.4°F
Sept 67.7°F 94.0°F
Oct 57.0°F 84.0°F
Nov 45.1°F 72.3°F
Dec 39.2°F 64.6°F

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